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I produce attractive, well-designed ebooks in the standard EPUB and Kindle formats from Word documents, PDFs, or native Quark or InDesign files. These can be distributed to all major retailers, including Amazon and Apple.

As well as normal text and image combinations (e.g. novels, cookbooks, illustrated non-fiction), I can also create ebooks with embedded audio/video content or full-page fixed layouts for Apple devices (excellent for children's stories or image-heavy titles), as well as troubleshooting or updating existing ebooks.

Final files will be provided via email or FTP/on disk if required.
ebook coding  |  25p per page (simple)
troubleshooting/updating ebooks |  £30.00 per hour

Ebooks with audio/video content, footnotes, endnotes or a large number of inline images are priced on a job-by-job basis due to the variances in the volume of work required. Please email me with details of your project for a quote.
typesetting repro proofreading ebooks design

send email to hello@tenthousand.co.uk, find me on Twitter (@lhkincaid) or call me on +44 (0) 7725 919259, all content copyright 2011 ten thousand hello@tenthousand.co.uk Follow Laura Kincaid on Twitter